Why Choose Pavers over Stamped Concrete?

Random runner pattern walkway pavers

When you’re looking for a beautiful and colorful pavement solution for a patio or a walkway, pavers and stamped concrete are both usually high on the list of options. While you can achieve great results with stamped concrete, pavers have some clear advantages that make them a superior choice.

  • Speed of Installation
    While pavers might require a bit more prep work on the ground before they are laid down than stamped concrete, once the pavers are laid and joint sand is brushed in, they are ready to go, safe to walk on, and able to support loads. Stamped concrete on the other hand needs almost as much surface preparation, and then, once it is poured, still needs to be shaped and needs days to cure to full strength.
  • Aesthetics
    When you install concrete, control joints have to be cut in the surface to minimize (not eliminate) cracking. Contractors do their best to hide these joints in the pattern stamped in the concrete, but that’s not always possible. Here and there, you’ll be left with lines cutting across the stamped pattern. Using discrete pavers, on the other hand, creates a pattern with control joints built into.
  • Low Maintenance
    All concrete will eventually crack. Repairing it requires jackhammers and concrete patching. If that concrete is colored and stamped with a pattern, the difficulty is multiplied when trying to get the patch to match up with the original design. Pavers require less maintenance and when is a rare problem, you can generally just replace the problem pavers. It costs less and blends back in seamlessly.

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