Not long ago, pavers were a premium and cost much more than pour-n-place concrete. Nowadays, prices on pavers are about the same as stamped concrete. Here at Ocean Pavers we do our best to meet your budgets and provide you with guaranteed quality & craftsmanship.


With Ocean Pavers you get a Lifetime Warranty of the pavers against any breaking or cracking.. On the other hand, if you use pour-n-place concrete for your project you get No such warranty because concrete will always break and crack.. Easy to repair, the beauty of pavers is the you can unzip or pull out the dirty or stained paver and replace it simply with a new paver.. Thats it!


Pavers are a not slip surface wet or dry and will hold up to the harshest conditions. The color and pigment of the pavers we use is embedded all the way through the product. Giving you lasting beauty for years to come. The Pavers we use are rated at 8000 to 9000 psi typically.. thats almost 4 times stronger than concrete.!! Quite remarkable considering most concrete is only 2500 to 3000 psi.


Pavers have endless design possibilities. You can’t beat the look of pavers with over 50 different patterns and colors to choose from. Let us show you some samples and some beautiful pictures of paver projects.

Low Maintenance

Believe it. Pavers are the best solution for a low maintenance. Just sweep away or wash away any debris on the project.. that all you need to do. Strength, Uncompromising strength do to our ICPI Certified installation. We build it right the first time.

Easy Install

More steps to install but each install typically moves very quickly. We can typically install a 1000 sq foot project in 3 to 5 days.


Designed for long wear and tear through flexibility. Pavers are not a rigid product like concrete which is prone to cracking from earthquakes and freeze thaw cycles.

Green Product

Pavers are made of natural aggregates without petroleum-based products. Water percolates through joints, preventing less run off. This makes pavers an environmentally safe product and enables us to all pitch in and be green.