The remarkable thing about Pavers is that you can easily repair them. Unlike poured-n-place concrete, Pavers are like a puzzle, take out the soiled or stained paver and insert a new one. Thats it Its that simple.  Its just takes a few minutes and you have beautiful New paver pavement without any blemishes.  Another great reason to choose interlocking stone pavers over any other hardscapes.

Paver Maintenance

Unlike concrete,  Pavers require little or no maintenance.. This is a low maintenance product. To clean your pavers all you need to do is wash them down with either a concrete cleaner product, mild soap and water, or baking soda mix,  or a high pressure washer to remove most dirt and soils.  Pavers are the best “bang for the buck”.  I’ve talked to many homeowners and architects who want a low maintenance product.. well you made the right choice. Go with pavers. Do it right the first time.

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