Paver Patio

Ocean Pavers. Three words: Professional, reliable, and personal care. Alright, maybe more than three words. After receiving an expensive quote from a company that nearly shocked my insides, I started to feel discouraged that my home improvement dream of renovating our drab patio would never come to fruition due to my budget. I didn’t realize until I called Ocean Pavers that dreams do come true, just find someone who will work with you within your budget, and deliver beyond expectations.
Ocean Pavers delivered on time, with no surprises, and beyond estimated timeline. Dieter is incredibly knowledgeable, approachable and will work within your budget. Ocean Pavers is not cheap, or cut corners. This locally own family business appreciates home improvement projects and the goals from a homeowner.
Dieter is a true expert. He was actually able to create the vision I had for my patio, while the other company said it may not be possible. When I received the recommendations from the first company I contacted, I felt satisfied with what they had to offer as an alternative to my vision. As a result, forced myself to let go of my design concept because maybe it wasn’t possible to do.
Dieter understood my vision, and addressed my concerns until I was comfortable with the project. Like a true expert, he took the challenge and delivered! He said simply, “Sure, we can do that!” and that was it. Done. He took my concept and made it real…but better!
I never felt that any of my questions were bothersome even when I called multiple times. Expect Dieter to return calls promptly, personally speak to you, and directly handle any loose ends.
My house is finally a home thanks to Ocean Pavers. The patio is stunning in Orco Villa Tuscany, and the turf is incredible; I can’t believe it’s artificial! I am an Ocean Pavers ambassador and will return for future projects. I will be first in line to recommend a proven professional and valuable expert in the industry. Trust Ocean Pavers, trust Dieter and his dedicated team. You will be a fan, too!
-Marites, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
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