Ocean Pavers believes strongly in personal privacy and we take special efforts to protect the information our customers submit that may be personally identifiable.

When you visit our website, Ocean Pavers makes every possible effort to protect your privacy.  We have created this Privacy Policy so that you will understand how we protect personal privacy and how we intend to use any information supplied by our customers.

If you have questions about this Privacy Policy, contact us at once.

This Privacy Policy Is Meant to Cover:

  • Collection of any personally identifiable information on any website of Ocean Pavers, our partners or subsidiaries.

This Privacy Policy Is Not Meant to Cover:

  • Any third-party websites that you may visit as a result of clicking on a link or navigating through our site.  We make no representations about the content on other companies’ websites.

Collection and Use of All Personal Information

  • You do not have to submit personal information in order to visit our website, but if you do this Privacy Policy will cover how we use it.
  • You may be asked for personal information in order for us to contact you, give you a quote, or perform some other service for you.  You may be asked to share your name, address, phone number and other personal information.  We will always ask you before collecting this type of information.
  • We never share your personal information with any third party without your permission.
  • If you register with our site, you acknowledge that we can collect personal information from you under the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy.

Collection and Use of All Non-Personal Information

  • We do not collect personal information secretly or without your knowledge but we may, from time to time, collect other information such as web addresses and cookies that help us improve your visit.
  • Third-party companies advertising on our website are not under our control, so be sure to check those companies’ Privacy Policies before submitting any personal information on another website.

We May Share Your Information If . . .

  • The only way we will share your personal information without your consent is:
    • As part of a legal proceeding in which we are ordered to so do.
    • As part of a law enforcement investigation in which we are required to cooperate.
    • When you violate our terms of service.

How We Take Security Measures

  • We make every reasonable effort to protect your information from hacking or theft.  However, no web system is one hundred percent secure, so be careful where you submit personal information.
  • We use firewalls, password protection, SSL and other physical security to protect you and our website from unauthorized visitors.
  • We do not retain personal information of our customers beyond the period required by law or as necessary to provide good or services to you.

Changes to Privacy Policy

  • We do not necessarily announce changes to our Privacy Policy so please check back often to see if there have been changes or updates.