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Always Green Solutions

Discover a synthetic lawn that looks fantastic all year long. In addition to feeling and looking nice, artificial grass is also ecologically beneficial. Artificial grass may significantly reduce your water usage and save thousands of gallons of water annually. Synthetic lawns are also child and pet friendly.

At Ocean Pavers Inc, we only work with the best installers of artificial turf, and we only use products that come with the greatest warranties in the business. Our installation teams will take all the necessary steps to bring your new drought-resistant artificial turf to life with our more than ten years of experience in the artificial turf business.

Learn more about the benefits of artificial turf, how we can help you, and why you should hire Ocean Pavers Inc for your services. When you’re ready, call our team to get started!

Artificial Turf Installation Services in Orange County, CA

Benefits of Artificial Turf

For owners of homes and businesses, artificial grass provides a lot of advantages, especially in temperatures like those in Southern California. Among the most noteworthy advantages are:


Artificial grass is a water-free landscaping choice for Orange County property owners in Southern California since it doesn’t need to be watered as regular grass does.

Easy Maintenance

Almost little maintenance is necessary with artificial grass. There is no need for fertilizing, reseeding, mowing, or watering.

Long Lifespan

Synthetic grass has a ten-year lifespan or more.


Despite having a greater initial investment than a conventional yard, artificial grass in Orange County, California landscaping might end up saving you thousands of dollars over its lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Artificial grass can feel warm to the touch since it is a synthetic substance that can absorb heat. Our products and technology make it cooler to the touch than standard turf, allowing you and your family to be comfortable in your own yard.

Artificial grass is unquestionably safe for dogs. Compared to typical lawns, fake grass for dogs is far more durable since it can survive any damage wrought by the dog’s paws, claws, or nails.

Artificial grass offers excellent protection from the sun since it has been UV-stabilized. This guarantees that its brilliant green color will not fade or change when exposed to sunshine. UV stabilization is done to the grass during production. This shields it from fading. Additionally, UV resistance and color fastness are rigorously tested for artificial grass.

While artificial turf does require some upkeep, it is mostly maintenance-free. By not having to mow, fertilize, or heavily water your lawn in order to keep a lush green yard, you will save a lot of time and money. Artificial turf cleanup is easy, efficient, and quick! Your particular landscaping and situation will determine how much maintenance is necessary. For example, kids and pets will be slightly harder on the turf, requiring more maintenance and care, but the process is still easier than maintaining a traditional yard.

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Why Ocean Pavers Inc?

Offering the best pavers in Orange County, California, Ocean Pavers Inc. is a market leader in hardscaping solutions. We are experts in the hardscaping industry. Only the best candidates are selected for our staff. We have over 32 years of collective labor expertise in turf, masonry, and pavers. Our sales consultants will provide awe-inspiring design concepts for your home. We are committed to providing you with high-caliber services that are reasonably priced.

Every component of our company is created to wow customers and guarantee their complete satisfaction with the services we provide. We oversee both large- and small-scale landscape and hardscaping projects for residential and commercial clients throughout Orange County.

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