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Complete Your Outdoor Project With the Final Details

Complement your outdoor area with Ocean Pavers Inc’s variety of stone and outdoor elements in Orange County, CA. In addition to pavers and masonry, we can further adorn your backyard, patio, or pool deck with built-in hardscape structures such as barbeque islands, fire pits, pilasters, and much more. We have unmatched industry experience and superior craftsmanship to add those final touches to your outdoor living area.

Stone & Outdoor Elements By Ocean Pavers Inc.

Create Your Backyard Hardscape Oasis

  • Belgard or Keystone Country Manor Walls: These segmental modular walls come in multiple colors and styles to complement your home and create a rich, warm effect.
  • Custom Fire Pits: Our custom fire pit designs will bring more form and function to your outdoor area.
  • Custom Barbeque Islands: Each island will be custom-built to meet the specifications of the appliances or grill you choose, and the walls can be decorated with natural stone veneers or a specialty finish.
  • Custom Pilasters: Custom pilasters provide classical but compact embellishments to your outdoor area.
  • Stone Veneers: Stone veneers are vertical structures that consist of thin, lightweight slabs of stone and will create more character to help bring the overall look and style to life.
  • Landscape Lighting: Landscape lighting is a great way to accent the project at night.

We Consider Every Last Detail

Ornamental architecture is our specialty. As a contractor, Ocean Pavers Inc can also install electrical and natural gas lines for barbeque islands and fire pits. We can install fire pit wall caps or island countertops in tile or natural stone as a final touch. If you think it, we can do it. Let us transform your outdoor landscape into our next award-winning project.

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